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Aspen Restoration Through Science

Help restore aspen ecosystems by supporting data collection, citizen science, and clear communication.

Funds contributed to the Western Aspen Alliance (WAA) will go directly to restoring the Pando Clone, as well as supporting broader aspen science and restoration. Dr. Paul C. Rogers, Director, coordinates science communication surrounding aspen topics and conducts his own monitoring and research. The mission of the WAA is to link ecological, social, and economic sciences through collaboration and information sharing. Pando is a 106 acre (43 ha) genetically identical community of aspen trees thought to be the largest living being on earth. It’s a “forest of one tree” and it is currently in danger of collapsing due to a number of causes.

We aim to work in partnership with others to restore this forest, but also to export the lessons learned here around the West and around the world. The execution and dissemination of conservation science is crucial to living compatibly with our planet and it all starts here. You may find further information on aspen ecology by joining the WAA or visiting our Facebook page.